We’re stuck at home and have all the time in the world. What should be the first thing to do? I’ll tell you. Surround yourself with food and not negativity.

Been Craving for the mouth-watering dishes for too long? Well, here’s a list of dishes you can make at home and satisfy your taste buds.

Here are the best vegetarian recipes and meal ideas to cook at home- Simple foods you can cook at home.


Here’s the list of best snacks for children and adults or you can say for everyone.

1. Vegetable pakoda

Vegetable Pakora
vegetable pakoda by indian healthy recipes.

What’s the first thing that your dad asks, for when it starts raining heavily? You’re right!
vegetable pakoda or Pakora have been a staple in some of our best monsoon and evening moments. They are not only quick and easy to make but are a hit with everyone, The best thing about them is that, not only are they quick and easy to make,but are a complete hit for all the age groups. also, the flavors they give to our taste buds with different chutney like tomato chutney, green chutney or onion chutney. Vegetable pakoda is considered in best vegetarian recipes.
Try these hot and crispy besan laden pakodas, filled with fresh veggies like carrot, potato, onion and capsicum,and they’ll never disappoint you. Try the recipe in below link.

Here’s The Recipe: https://www.indianhealthyrecipes.com/pakora-recipe-vegetable-pakora-pakoda/

How to serve : Sprinkle them with chat masala and serve with lip-smacking mint chutney!!

2. Dhokla

ready in 30 minutes dhokla
dhokla by hebbars kitchen

A popular Gujju snack, dhokla is one of the most loved snack across the country that is made in various ways, This dhokla recipe is a quick and easy one that is delicious as well as healthy! A recipe that is steamed and made in just 30 minutes using besan with a colourful, chili tempering. Try the dhokla recipe in below link.

Here’s The Recipe: https://hebbarskitchen.com/instant-khaman-dhokla-recipe/

How to serve : Decorate your dhokla’s with green chillis on the top!!

3. Manchurian

restaurant style veg Manchurian gravy.
manchurian by tarladalal

Essentially an Indochinese cuisine, Manchurian will cater all your snack cravings and leave you wanting for more and more. This quick and easy dish is ideal for a party at home as well. As we have variety of options in Manchurian like gobi manchurian, paneer manchurian, soya chunks manchurian, idli manchurian. Try the manchurian recipe in below link.

Here’s The Recipe: https://www.tarladalal.com/Restaurant-Style-Vegetable-Manchurian-Gravy-316r

How to serve : Pair them up with a bowl of noodles and you’ll fall in love all over again

4. Kashmiri palak & malai paneer tikka

Kashmiri Palak Aur Malai Paneer Tikka.
kashmiri palak and malai paneer tikka by ndtv foods.

A treat you cannot miss! Enjoy the goodness of Palak packed between spices, cream cheese and paneer. Malai paneer tikka is the perfect appetizer for a dinner party, enjoy this tricolour treat this Independence Day with your family and friends. Try the recipe in below link.

Here’s The Recipe: https://food.ndtv.com/recipe-kashmiri-palak-aur-malai-paneer-tikka-952446

How to serve : Serve hot with onion rings, lemon wedges and a fresh green salad of your choice.

5. Schezwan maggi

Hot & Spicy - Chinese Style Maggi Recipe - Indian Vegetarian.
Schezwan maggie by cooking with siddhi.

Chinese style maggie which is all about balancing the sauces and spices. The crunch from the veggies adds to the flavor and simply makes the dish tastier. Serve this to kids or grownups and see a satisfying smile on their faces. mixture of different sauces and spices gives it a mind blowing taste. Try the recipe in below link.

Here’s The Recipe: https://www.cookingwithsiddhi.com/chinese-schezwan-maggi-noodles-recipe/

How to serve : Grab your bowl and chopstick, add some seasoning and just dive into this bowl full of flavors.

6. Cheese broccoli pasta bake 

Cheesy broccoli pasta bake recipe
baked cheese broccoli pasta by BBC good food.

Italian in nature, Pasta is a treat for all of us. We have variety of pasta’s like spaghetti, lasagna and many more different style pasta dishes. Here is the one from all. Bake yourself this creamy pasta with broccoli mix and you’ll fall in love with it’s flavor over and again! Try the best pasta recipes in below link.

Here’s The Recipe: https://www.bbcgoodfood.com/recipes/cheesy-broccoli-pasta-bake

How to serve : Add graded cheese and seasonings to make it presentable with a good taste.

7. Butter Paneer

Paneer Butter Masala Recipe. North Indian Paneer Butter Masala Recipe
butter paneer by evergreen recipes.

Lovely chunks of paneer bathed in a heavenly gravy of butter, tomatoes, methi leaves, cashew paste and milk. Butter paneer or paneer butter masal both are the special dishes for dinner. A quick recipe to satisfy your soul. As paneer is very special for all the vegetarians and paneer recipe make the meals more tastyfor vegetarians. Try the recipe in below link to make paneer butter masala restaurant style.

Here’s The Recipe: http://evergreenrecipes.com/butter-paneer-recipe/

How to serve : garnish with remaining fresh cream and chaat masala. Serve hot with paratha.

8. Grean pea upma

Savory Cream of Wheat with Onions and Peas (Upma)
Green pea upma by ndtv foods.

This healthy and hearty breakfast preparation made with lightly roasted semolina and green peas cooked together and lightly tempered with mustard seeds and curry leaves is one of the best start you can have to your day! Try the recipe in below link.

Here’s The Recipe: https://food.ndtv.com/recipe-green-pea-upma-95188

How to serve : Serve hot garnished with Chopped Coriander leaves or grated fresh coconut..

9. Vegetarian fried rice

Vegetable Fried Rice
vehetarian fried rice by ndtv foods.

Vegetarian fried rice Quick, easy and super delicious, An excellent way to use the leftover rice. Tossed within the goodness of veggies like cabbage, carrot and beans, along side baby corn, soy sauce, chillies and garlic, this rice recipe is that the perfect lunch or dinner option. Try the vegetarian fried rice recipe in below link.

Here’s The Recipe: https://food.ndtv.com/recipe-vegetable-fried-rice-319120

How to serve : Serve hot garnished with some chopped spring onion greens.

10. Vegetarian fajitas

A veggie fajita wrap being held in cupped hands
vegetarian fajita by BBC good food.

Looking for a fast and straightforward veggie family meal? Try these meat-free fajitas, loaded with black beans, avocado and peppers, which take just quarter-hour to form . Try the vegetarian fajitas recipe in below lin

Here’s The Recipe: https://www.bbcgoodfood.com/recipes/veggie-fajitas

How to serve : Serve the tortillas with the fajita mix, beans, avocado and soured cream for everyone to help themselves. 

11. Vegetarian sandwich

Vegetable Sandwich
vegetarian sandwich by ndtv foods.

A fresh mixture of broccoli, zucchini and eggplant, marinated in herbs and placed between beautiful buns. Add a touch of plum chutney and cheese to around the dish. Try the recipe in below link.

Here’s The Recipe: https://food.ndtv.com/recipe-vegetable-sandwich-274190

How to serve : Serve with plain salted chips to make the meal more crispier.

12. Sweetcorn & courgette fritters

Sweetcorn & courgette fritters
vegetarian fritter by BBC good food..

An easy, vegetarian fritter you’ll wear the table in 25 minutes. Top with an egg with a runny yolk and a drizzle of our chilli dressing. Try the recipe in below link.

Here’s The Recipe: https://www.bbcgoodfood.com/recipes/sweetcorn-courgette-fritters

How to serve : Serve the fritters topped with a poached egg, mixed leaves and a drizzle of the chilli dressing.

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Try these dishes at home and satiate your hunger! Do let us know if you had a great time cooking!!


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