DAD ; they are the silent heroes in everyone’s story.  They are the ones who sacrifice the most for us without even complaining and most of their sacrifices go unnoticed. Their ways of expressing love for us have been quite different always.

We,as their children,have always been their priority but did we ever try to make them our priority?

Not really sure about that.


Your father has always been your side, supported all your decisions, guided you throughout your life , has always been caring and fulfilling your wishes has always been his first priority then you have definitely got the best father!  

Seems like we all got the best one? Well, Well.

However, Every now and then, you start doubting your relationship with him, and wonder how it would be like to make him happy and proud. Isn’t it?

To get things sorted for you, we have a list of top ways to improve your relationship with your dad.



A little more love can never go wrong with anybody. Isn’t it?

If you’re wondering, ‘How can I improve my relationship with my dad‘ , this should be the first key point to keep in your mind.

Show him you love him too often. Don’t just treat him specially on his birthday and Father’s Day.

Your words should reflect a caring and affectionate tone. Hug him more often. Develop a comfort zone for yourselves.

If you do not live together, Try to pay him some surprise visits , he would definitely feel special.

Take him for dinner at a fancy restaurant, a simple evening will also do wonders.


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This is surely a great idea and if you can teach him all the technologies he is struggling with that would be like a cherry on the cake.

If you’re wondering, ’how can I help my dad at home?’ Try to sort his cupboards. Help him know about the latest fashion ideas. Make tea for him (nevertheless,this is one of the best ways to improve your relationship with your dad, haha!)

Apart from this, Accompany him in buying the groceries. Help him with his office work. Listen to his childhood stories.


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One of the most common query that comes up is How to make your dad proud

Remember, All he wishes is to see you successful whether its sports, studies, drama or be it anything you are good at. Achieve something appreciable. Try to build a good picture of yourself in the society. Don’t do any such act he would be ashamed of.

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How to make your dad happy when he’s tired

If he is tired then complete the chores which were to be done by him or if you can’t do this then complete the chores which were to be done by you,at least he won’t yell at you.

Take up some initiatives for the household responsibilities. Be considerate when it comes to younger siblings in your household and show him that you can manage things by yourself.

Make him feel that he is not alone, you are there too with him through thick and thin.

How to make your dad happy when he’s sad

The best thing that you can do to cheer him up is take interest in his life. Tell him that you want to hear about his life choices, his dreams, his childhood days and a lot many things.

As he talks to you about these, this will enlighten his mood immediately.

Show him that you are looking forward to inculcate his values and be very curious while you learn about those.


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Laughter is the pill that works instantly on our hearts.

Struggling with ideas on,How to make your dad laugh ?’

Not a tough deal at all. Are you one of those who always cracked jokes during their classes but never did the same with your father? Don’t hesitate  while doing the same with him. He will really have a good time.

 This was a list of top ways to improve your relationship with your dad or How to make your dad happy.

There’s no such void that can’t be filled, have patience work on your relationship with him it’s definitely gonna improve. Always remember to Give him the care, love and respect he deserves and see wonders happening to your relationship with him.

Dad’s rarely express their love for us through words, their actions speak for the love they have for us. Just notice those actions, you will see his love for you.

Apart from this, one of the most looked upon question is,

Do daughters need their fathers?

Indeed. In-fact, the status-quo is that Daughter’s are more close to their fathers.

A Dad is someone who gives a girl the gift of confidence and high self esteem. He helps her to decide to make a career choice. Gone are the days when daughters were not treated equally.A good father now supports his daughter throughout. No matter what, A daughter will always be her daddy’s princess.

If your father has also supported you or still supports you then give him the share of love and respect he deserves.

Talking about my own self, I love my dad not just because he has supported me in all my career choices and respected all the decisions that I made but because he is a man good at heart. I respect him not just because he fulfilled all my demands, but simply because he fulfilled them in spite of all his struggles. The struggles which he fought with, all alone.


This is nothing as difficult as solving a typical math problem or climbing Mount Everest. You just need to talk to them properly if you are at home and if you are living apart from them then just a call a day will make them happy. They don’t expect us to give them a lot of time, just a few healthy conversations would be great; just a few mins from our busy schedule is what they want.

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